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We couldn't believe how well it worked. At first we assumed it was just a gimmick, like most sites tend to be. We were passionate about solar energy, the other sites just made it seem so hard. But American Solar Quotes was easy, reliable, and actually worked. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested.

John Chrisholm

Working like a Dream

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American Solar Quotes was quick and extremely informative. They were always available to answer my questions and could actually provide me with the information I was looking for instead of giving copy and paste answers. They were kind, and helped me find just what I was looking for in a solar energy source.

Chris Darcy

We switched to solar power

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I had always wanted to make the switch to solar energy, I’m very passionate about the environment. American Solar Quotes gave me just what I needed at a price that worked for me. They were reasonable, and great to work with, I would definitely recommend.

Sarah Furrah

Thanks American Solar Quotes

Solar Energy Testimonials

The contractors that we ultimately got in contact with through American Solar Quotes were so knowledgeable about the products and their effects. They really knew what they were doing which is something I can’t really say about the other sites I’ve been to. As soon as I put in what I was looking for in a solar system they responded that very day and the rest was just as easy. They were great to work with!

Troy and Fiona Smith

Fast turn around for our solar installation

Solar Panel Prices Testimonial

I couldn't believe how fast American Solar Quotes was with getting back to me. I put in what I wanted and got a response that very day. They explained everything in easy to understand terms and simplified such a big commitment in a way that made me feel confident about my purchase. Anyone interested in solar energy should definitely give them a try

Mike Andrews

Great information on solar power!

Solar panels testimonials

The best thing about American Solar Quotes is that they give you competitive quotes very fast. When I came to the website I had expected to get the solar quotes in a few days or at least several hours, but as soon as I visited I was introduced to all the information I had been looking for and found a solar power system that worked for me

Brianne Coyal

We saved money from our costly electricity bills

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We wanted to invest in solar panels in order to save on costly electric bills and unnecessary wastes of energy but had previously been too skeptical to look into them. A friend recommended American Solar Quotes and when we looked into them they were better than we could have ever imagined. They were quick, reliable, and efficient. We found just what we were looking for at the best price.

Kym Bryant

Best solar panel website

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We had scored tons of websites looking for comparative quotes to install solar panels for our business but kept running into unsatisfactory or limited results. American Solar Quotes gave us everything we were looking for! They compared all the prices for the solar panels we wanted and we were able to find the best set for us without all the hassle the other sites required. I can’t emphasize enough how easy and effective they were. Would definitely use them again if I ever needed more solar work done.

Joanne Rhymes

Amazing describes it

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Amazing! Simply amazing. I wanted solar panels, I went to the website, received the quotes and competitive prices, and found just what I was looking for. Easy as that. There was no hassle, no stress, and no hoops to jump through. The contractors were quick to respond and actually knew what they were talking about. I couldn't believe how simple they made it and would definitely tell anyone to give them a try.

Chris Povlowski

Solar panels are our saviour

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Our environmental group was tired of talking the talk and not walking the walk. We had mostly gone green but were afraid of finalizing the transformation with a costly purchase of solar panels and solar energy devices. But, a local organization recommended the website, and with just a few clicks and keystrokes we found exactly what we were looking for at a reasonable price and can proudly claim that we are a completely green, environmentally friendly group. We’ll definitely be recommending American Solar Quotes to any activist interested in making the transition.

Jocelyn McKendry

A solar energy website with the lot

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American Solar Quotes’ website was easy to navigate and quick to provide the answers I was looking for. All the installation companies they connected me with were extremely helpful and competent. If I ever needed solar energy help again I would most definitely go to them.

Patricia & Matt Bowing

We highly recommend American Solar Quotes

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Our solar panels are absolutely lovely! They look amazing and we were so pleased with the work we had done and the professionalism of the workers. There is no way we could have found such great installation people without American Solar Quotes.

Simone Blanch

Our solar is working better than ever

Solar Power Quotes Testimonials

We’ve had our solar panels for a month now and they’re working better than we ever expected. They’re clean, efficient, and great looking. Neighbors can’t stop complimenting them! There is no way we could have found such great service for the panels at such a great price without the help of American Solar Quotes.

Ron & Marthar Hope

Thank you American Solar Quotes

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We were looking for the best price for solar panel installations and American Solar Quotes found them for us. The website was easy to navigate and fast in finding results. The contractors that they led me to were excellent I never would have found such a good price without them.

Sarah Blumesworth

Very Pleased witth AmericanSolarQuotes.com

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I had no idea what to expect when a friend led me to the website. My wife had been wanting solar panels for a long time and I wanted to have something installed before her birthday came around. American Solar Quotes was better than I could have imagined, the people I talked to helped simplify everything down to easy to understand language and I got just what my wife wanted. If it wasn’t for AmericanSolarQuotes.com, I could never have gotten such a great birthday present for my wife.


Saving money with solar power, thanks

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I never had much interest in solar panels but I definitely wanted a chance to save some energy. American Solar Quotes was stress-free and got me a bunch of quotes at competitive prices. I found just what I needed all in one place without all the stress other websites had led me to believe was typical. It’s a great site and I would certainly recommend.

Mary Dojonsome

I found the right installer after getting my 3 solar quotes

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I couldn't believe how great they were! American Solar Quotes was amazing and the info they provided was so easy to understand and go through. The people were nice and pleasant to talk to and I found the right contractors for me. Couldn't have done it without American Solar Quotes!

Leanne Moggle

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