The purpose of a Solar Inverter is to convert a direct current of electricity into alternating current. Alternating current is the kind of electricity that most appliances in your home run on.

A solar inverter is approximately the size of a small microwave and while this may seem rather large, it is an essential component of a solar power system.

Installing Your Solar Inverter

    • It is your decision where you would like your solar inverter to be installed

This will be done by a professional solar equipment installer. The inverter can be located on either the outside or the inside of your home (mudroom, garage, laundry, etc.) When on the outside of your home, a solar inverter will most often be placed near your power board (

Solar Power Inverter

What size solar inverter do I need?

    • Solar power inverters begin at 1kW and range up to and above 12.5kW

The capacity of the inverter that you require is proportional to the wattage of your solar power system. In other words, the more solar panels you have, the larger the inverter you require

Often home owners will opt for a solar inverter with a capacity that is larger than their solar power system. The reason for this is that it gives them the option of adding more panels later to the system without needing to replace the inverter.

Make sure that you have the roof space to add extra panels before you buy the largest inverter you can!

Various Types of Inverters

    • Solar power inverters come with additional extra features that can improve the efficiency of your system

You can choose to have all sorts of different features added to your inverter.

Some inverters will have the option of connecting to your computer or smartphone to allow you to monitor your solar power generation, while others will simply be more compact or have a longer warranty.

Another option you can choose from is to get weather proof exteriors so that you are sure that it may be mounted outdoors and survive harsh conditions. A common feature that home owners opt for is the dual tracking inverter. This allows for two arrays to be connected to one inverter.

Last but certainly not least is the transformer-less inverter, which are much lighter and are known for their efficiency. While there are many options out there for you to choose from, your solar energy expert will be able to make suggestions to help you find the best fit for your home.

Finding the right solar inverter for your home

    • Find the right solar power inverter for your individual needs by specifying your price range, quality-needs and desired features

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