Feed-in tariffs will generally require that you consume the electricity that your solar panels produce before you are allowed to sell any excess back to the energy companies. This means that during the day your solar panels are going to be generating electricity that must be used by your home to power your appliances, hot water systems, pool pumps, etc., and only if there is an excess of electricity, then you can sell this energy back to the grid for an agreed upon price.

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Become Energy Efficient to Save Money

    • Increase the return on investment on your solar system by introducing energy-saving measures

Energy Efficiency

The less energy that your home uses, the more you can feed back into the grid for an energy credit. What are some good tricks to reducing your home’s energy consumption?

  • Replacing an old or broken hot water tank with a tankless water heater
  • Avoid taking long, hot showers
  • During the summer months, consider using a clothes line instead of the dryer
  • Installing more energy efficient light bulbs

It generally doesn’t cost much money to reduce your home’s energy consumption by a modest 10% to 20%. Just simple changes in behaviour can add up to hundreds of dollars saved on your energy bill annually.

Energy Efficient Appliances

    • There are a number of ways the devices in your home can be upgraded or modified to increase energy efficiency

There are a number of other ways to improve your energy efficiency and increase the return on investment on your solar power system.

Have a look at our energy efficiency page to ascertain what improvements can be made to your home.

To help maximise the return on investment on your solar power system, do some research into solar power technology and the industry before making a purchase

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