Solar panel cost can vary significantly according to several variables, the most significant being the size of the system that you want.

Typically, residential solar power systems start at 1.5 kW and can be as large as 50kW. The right system is out there for you, you just have to consider a few factors.

  • What is your budget for a solar power system?
  • What is the area of your rooftop that can support solar panels?
  • What size system has your energy retailer approved you for?
  • What kind of service do you wish to receive?
  • What quality of panels do you expect to receive?

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Solar Panel Cost
$ per Watt | 5.0kW system in June 2013 = $9000
Solar panel costs are on the decline and the US tax rebate and solar feed in tariffs are strong. Now is the time to switch to solar energy!


There are many incentives and rebates available for Americans interested in purchasing solar panels for their homes or businesses.

Average US Solar Panel Cost

    • Solar power has never been more affordable in America

a) 1.5kW Solar System

Cost $6,500
Government Rebate $3,000
You Pay $3,500

b) 3.0kW Solar System

Cost $9,000
Government Rebate $4,000
You Pay $5,000

c) 5.0kW Solar System

Cost $12,000
Government Rebate $4,500
You Pay $7,500

The million dollar question?

    • One of many when it comes to American solar panel costs

Want to STOP receiving those annoying electricity bills?

Solar Power Prices

“If only we had a crystal ball.” 

Opt for a system that is large enough to cover your energy needs. In the US, a solar power system between 3 and 5 kilowatts ideal. A more accurate estimate is possible only when a certified energy consultant conducts a site assessment of your home and analyses your historical energy consumption patterns.

During a site assessment of your home, ask your energy consultant what size power system you will need to eliminate your electricity bills. He or she will be able to give you the most accurate estimate.


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