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Getting an experienced and qualified solar power system installer is key to ensuring a satisfying solar experience. Your solar panels have been built to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, but without professional solar panel installation this may be for nothing. American Solar Quotes works with the best installers in the industry to ensure that your solar power system is going to last as long as your panels will. Read reviews of top American solar panel installers here.

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Solar power system components and installation

    • Mounting solar panels onto your rooftop is a complicated process and requires detailed knowledge of all the components of a solar panel installation

All across the United States there are huge varieties of geographies and climate conditions. With the advent of increasingly severe weather conditions, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a high quality solar panel installation. A typical solar panel mounting kit will contain the following parts:
  • Feet
  • Rails
  • Mid-clamps
  • End-clamps
  • Splice kit
  • WEEB’s
Solar Panel FeetThe Solar Power System Feet

The Feet

The feet are used to fix the solar panels to the roof. They are made out of aluminium and are padded with rubber to prevent rusting. They are made to fit tin, tiled or slate roofs.


Tin roof feet

The process for tin roofs is quite simple. A solar panel installer will start by removing a screw from your roof and replace it with a longer screw, fixing the foot to the roof. There will typically be a piece of rubber to separate the roof from the foot to prevent rusting.

Tiled Roof Feet

Tiled roof feet

This process is slightly more complicated as an installer must remove tiles in order to bolt down the foot on battens or trusses. Then the tile is replaced. It is typically more expensive to have solar panels installed on tiled roofs because it does take longer and the feet are pricier.


Slate roof feet

The process for slate roofs are again more complicated as an installer must use a special drill to drill a hole into the slate, while ensuring that the slate doesn’t crack or break. It is more expensive compared to tin roofs and it’s always a good idea to have a few spare tiles on hand.

Solar roof mount kit

    • The solar roof mounting kit was designed to make sure your solar system is ensured stability and foundational security

Solar Power Rails


Rails are affixed to the feet in the roof. Every two rows of rails will support one row of solar panels. They are designed to have a special module slot into the grooves and slide into place. Each rail is usually around 3 meters in length, but this can easily be adjusted on site to be customized for your home.

Solar Power Mid Clamps


Mid-clamps are T-shaped modules which clamp the solar panels onto the rails. There need to be two mid-clamps installed between every panel.

Solar Power End Clamps


End-clamps are modules which clamp the end of the solar row down. They slide into place and are tightened until they lock the bolt in place.

Solar Power Splice Kit


A splice kit is used to join the rails together to that they are seamlessly connected together on your rooftop.

Solar Power WEEB's


WEEBs or Washer Electrical Equipment Bonds, are a major part of the safety involved in rooftop solar power installations. They are held in place by mid-clamps and end-clamps and when those clamps are tightened, the WEEBs ‘bite’ into both the panel and the rail to ensure that they are secured in place.

Solar Power Dektite


Dekites are cone-shaped flashings used to seal pipes or conduit on a metal roof. This is how wires are enabled to be connected between the solar panels and the inside of your home (or to wherever your inverter is).


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