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Solar panel technology has been around for nearly 50 years now! Over the years, the industry has seen many advancements including greater solar cell efficiencies, the production of flexible and lightweight models, and many more developments. But despite these ground breaking developments, the underlying technology is still the same.

Much of this research and development over the past five decades has led to decreases in the cost of manufacturing solar cells and panels. This means that solar power is now more affordable than ever and home owners are responding.

This widespread adoption of solar power within the industrial, commercial and residential sectors is known as the 21st century solar boom, or the 21st century solar-coaster.

What started the the Solar Boom?

  • “The acceptance and recognition of global warming, now known as climate change.”

There are several economic, geopolitical and environmental factors that contributed to the renewable energy phenomenon. The rising cost of electricity, diminishing sources of conventional energy such as fossil fuels, increasing concern over the negative implications of climate change all played a role in the global race to solar power.

How does solar power work?

  • “Solar power is energy harnessed from the sun”

Nick-Akins-American-Electric-PowerPhotovoltaic solar panels (the kind that is installed on rooftops) use the sun’s ultraviolet and visible light rays to generate a direct current (DC) of electricity. An inverter is then used to convert this direct current into alternating current (AC) before it can be used in your home or sold to the electrical company.

What’s the difference between DC and AC current?

Direct current (DC) is an electrical current that only travels in one direction. It isn’t a safe current of electricity. On the other hand, alternating current (AC) is a safe current and is the type of current that is required to run most appliances in your home. Some appliances, such as stoves, will convert AC back into DC, however the voltage is a lot lower, making it safer than AC power.

Want to learn more interesting facts about ACDC? Then check out this awesome blog post that one of our energy guru’s put together one Friday night.

Let’s recap the basics

  • “It’s really not that complicated, unless you’re a politician of course”

Rooftop Solar

Step 1

Installed solar panels capture light energy from the sun.

Solar Panels

Step 2

The solar panels convert this energy into a direct electrical current (DC).

Solar Inverter

Step 3

The inverter converts converts DC power into AC power.

Step 1+2+3

=Free Solar Energy

Why switch to solar energy?

Solar power reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing our carbon footprint. Solar power also makes a statement that you’re a forward thinking investor, ready to save the planet one photon at a time.

But there are other questions that you may have such as what size solar power system you need, how much to spend, how many panels are needed and who can you trust?

That’s where American Solar Quotes comes in!

We have compiled this easy-to-read Buyer’s Guide that covers everything you will need to know as you become a solar superstar. Continue reading the following sections and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

    1. Starting your research on Solar Panels
    2. Off-grid solar panels or grid connect solar panels
    3. What is the cost of a solar power system
    4. How many solar panels do you need?
    5. What direction should your solar panels face?
    6. When do solar panels work?
    7. How does a solar panel work?
    8. Why do I need a solar inverter?
    9. Solar panel installation?
    10. Upgrade your solar power system
    11. Get the most from your PV System
    12. Your responsibilities as a buyer

Next: Starting your research on Solar Panels

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