What time solar power systems work

 Solar panels will begin to absorb light as soon as they are exposed to it in the morning and stop after sunset when it becomes dark.

Solar panels can produce different amounts of electricity on a day by day basis. For example, on a cloudy day, when the panels are partially covered, they will be less efficient. On a sunny day, solar panels are at their most efficient. They will even produce a different amount of electricity at different times of day. For example, at noon, when there is a lot of direct sunlight being absorbed by the solar panels, they will be able to produce more electricity than at 7am for example, when the angle at which the light is coming from isn’t as optimal.

In fact, the amount of energy that a solar panel is exposed to is directly proportional to the amount of electricity that is will produce.

Solar panel direction plays a role too

    • Solar panels are produce DC energy when they come in to contact with solar radiation 

There are several factors besides time of day and whether conditions that will impact the electricity production of a solar power system. One major factor is the positional orientation of the panels. For east-facing solar panels, morning is a very busy electricity producing time. However, those same solar panels will not be in a good position come afternoon or evening when the sun is shining from the west. The reverse is also true for west-facing solar panels. The ideal direction to place your solar panels in the United States is south.

Will you have multiple facing solar arrays

    • If you have a number of solar panel arrays facing different directions, they will produce energy at different periods of the day.

Roof space is another major factor which will determine how efficient your solar power system will be. Take for example, a roof that has space for 7 solar panels on its south-facing side and 7 solar panels on its east-facing side. In this case, a home can opt for either an inverter with a duel MPPT or simply have 2 inverters. A system of this type will produce electricity all day, particularly in the morning.

Location of residence in America

    • The location of your home or business is an important factor in the installation process. 

A final factor that will influence the efficiency of your system is your location in the US. Typically, southern states have more exposure to direct sunlight than northern states. California is the state with the most hours of sunlight per year. If you live in the south, it’s time to take advantage of your geographic location and go solar!

5kW-Solar Power System-Production_America-LA
This graphic displays how much energy a 5.0kW solar system produces during the mid-summer in Los Angeles.


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    • The solar gain is higher in mid-day when the suns high up in the sky.


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