Solar System Installer Obligations

    • Your solar PV system installer or retailer has certain obligations concerning the installation, and so do you.

Purchasing a solar panel system is both an investment and an asset for your property. It’s important to recognize that there may be many third parties that need to be kept abreast of your purchase.

Your biggest responsibility as a buyer of a solar power system is to understand the processes happening between you, your installer, your electricity provider and your solar credit trading company.

Once you understand all of the information and terms involved with your purchase, it is also your responsibility to call your insurance provider and mortgage provider to advise them of your purchase. Apart from that, all you can do is to keep yourself informed and to read reviews of solar panel installers to be sure that you aren’t about to hire an unreliable company.

When you choose to install solar panels, most of the associated paperwork will be provided by the solar installer or retailer. This will include:

When you purchase your solar panels, most of the accompanying paperwork given to you by the installer, including:

    • Quotes
    • Business Terms
    • Energy Retailer Agreement
    • Finance Application Papers (for retail financing and solar leasing)
Multiple intermediaries can be involved when installing a solar power system, so be sure to review your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your installer prior to the installation process.

Solar Panel Installation Responsibilities

Buyer Responsibilities

    • Educate yourself on your solar installation investment

Solar Power System Responsibilities

Installers are responsible for providing the paperwork regarding your quotation, terms of business, solar credit application, agreement from your energy provider and, if applicable, financial documents. For further information on your responsibilities, read our solar power system buyers guide and look through our installer reviews.


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