Norway takes the lead in mainstream adoption of electric vehicles

Currently, 15% of the new car market in Norway is made up of electric cars, making them the biggest EV sellers within the small Scandinavian country. Is it any wonder that they also happen to be the happiest country in the world! Astute and competent use of their natural resources, tax incentives as well as overall government policy has helped Norway to achieve such phenomenal stats concerning the uptake of EVs.

Global leaders in renewable energy, 98% of Norway’s energy is supplied by sources such as hydroelectric, allowing the country to supply clean energy to battery-electric vehicles.

Norway success with EV uptake has been a long time coming

However, this success has not come without struggle. It took almost three decades of campaigning for the support and adoption of electric vehicles within the mainstream market in Norway before it could grow in the highly practical incentive program that it is now.

Norway has eliminated most of the heavy and high vehicle taxes that it passes on standard gas-run vehicles. The government has even gone a step further through the option of free parking, free charging, no tolls as well as being able to utilize the bus lanes when needed. Models such as the Tesla Model S have seen immense benefits because of such amazing and worthwhile incentives.

Electric vehicle ownership rates in Norway continues to increase

Ever since the advent of the Nissan Leaf going on sale within the country during 2011, ownership of a Norway electric vehicle has grown steadily every year, with the past year almost breaking out of the mould of conventional vehicles, as more EVs become available and word of these incentives reach more people.

For most EV drivers, savings can easily reach close to tens of thousands of dollars a year, while drivers of the Tesla Model S may save close to six-figures a year. The stats indicate that 1 of every 100 car in Norway is an electric vehicle.

Photo by: Department for Communities and Local Government on Flickr

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