Solar Installer Quotes

Choosing the right solar panel provider and installer can lead to tough decisions. Determining who is honest, experienced and qualified and who isn’t can be a nightmare to research. This is why we created American Solar Quotes. We collect reviews of solar panel installers across the United States and compile them in our unique database so that you can easily determine the good companies from the mediocre.

American Solar Quotes can give you confidence in deciding which installer and solar power system is right for your home. Based on the experiences that previous customers have had with solar installers, we can help you find a qualified solar installer in your area who will provide comprehensive service at a great price.

If you’re ready to start the process of researching and installing a solar power system for your home or office then it’s time to fill out our brief online form. Three qualified solar companies will be in touch with you to give you a quote for your home after discussing your needs with you.

Make sure that you’ve also read up on the Basics of Solar, the Cost to go Solar and Solar Rebates and Incentives. These three key resources will help you on your way to getting the best possible solar power system on your rooftop.

The basics on solar

Before purchasing and installing solar panels, learn the basics on how solar panel systems work. This can benefit you when you’re speaking with installer sales representatives and consultants.

Solar company reviews

Look at previous ratings, reviews, and comments for solar installers in our installer review page to check on the quality of your chosen solar installer.

The cost to go solar

Many solar installers offer similar products, services and price ranges. Fill out our online form to receive three free quotes and compare the benefits of local installers.

Buyers guide to solar power

Do some research on solar power before you contact installers. Have an idea on what products you need, and how you would like them installed.

Solar rebates and incentives

Solar rebates can differ from state to state, have a look at what’s available in your region and save on your installation!