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AccuTrack Solar Systems offer off-grid and mini hydro-powered systems in the Northern Californian region.

The company offers CAD drawings and specifications, PV-powered pumping stations, small machine shops, complete electrical AC/DC integrated systems and custom distribution boards services.

They also offer products such as photovoltaic panels, custom cabling low voltage distribution equipment such as panels and breakers, motion controls, fluorescent and LED lighting systems, AGM and flooded batteries and high current battery bank switching controls.AccuTrack Solar Systems has installed a range of solar power systems across California using products from Sharp, Xantrex, Surrette and more.

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    I am considering starnitg a solar/wind energy business. I would like to know how many people would really consider installing solar panels and/or a wind generator on their home or business. If a complete system is too costly, would you consider a battery back-up system to run essential items in you home or business for when the power drops out? This would consist of 4-12 batteries, a couple of solar panels and/or a wind generator. This would operate items such as lights, well pump, refrigerator, radio or TV, telephones, and computers. Would you consider starnitg a small solar array (4-6 panels) and adding panels to it when you have extra money to spend on them?Please give me your feedback on what you think of GREEN energy and if you think it is the future or just a fad.Good answers so far. In response to f100_supersabre, A 4 battery system is not much. It all depends on what you will operate and how long. The more batteries the better. About the telephone, yes they are powered by the telephone line but businesses usually have multiple lines with a switching station that needs electricity to operate. Most homes now only have cordless phones which require electricity. If you keep a corded phone in your home this would be a non factor. When it comes to the size panels and wind generator that is relevant to your power consumption. What might be good for your house may be too big or too small for your neighbor.Keep the answers coming.


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